10 Stocking Stuffers, Under $20, for the Beginner Quilter

Let's talk about 10 stocking stuffers, all under $20 for the quilter in your life, or if you are the quilter who needs these items, just email this to your partner and friends. :) 

All the items on my list I personally use on a regular basis. They either sit on my sewing desk or in my sewing box ready to use.

 1. Blade Saver

I first saw friends using this on Instagram and bought my own because it looked so awesome. The Blade Saver makes cutting all those threads from chain piecing so fast... like really fast! I always keep mine next to my sewing machine.


2. FriXion pens

FriXion pens are a quilters best friend! I use these pens to mark my blocks when making half square triangles. I also write with them when taking notes on my planner. In fact, I keep a mug full of them on my sewing desk ready to use at all times.


3. Magnetic Pin Cushion

I remember the first time I used a magnetic pin cushion. It felt like such a luxury! I have a couple of them now, but I still appreciate them just as much. It's so easy to find those missing pins on the floor by just running my magnetic pin cushion across it. If you don't have one get one.


4. Basting Pins: Curved and Straight

Basting is probably my least favorite part of quilting, but it has to be done. I prefer straight basting pins, but some people love the curved ones so I listed both above. Sometimes I have a couple quilts basted and waiting to be quilted, so I can never have too many.


5. Hand needles

I use this inexpensive brand of hand needles for all my bindings. I keep them in a box of thread and scissors ready to bust out any hand sewing or quilting. I think someone gave them to me years ago, and I still use them regularly!


6. Craft clips

These clips are a small thing, but can be a big help when quilting. I use them to hold down the binding as I hand quilt.

7. Rotary cutter and spare blades

What is a quilter without a rotary cutter? I don't even know. I mean I know they exist, but I think life would be much more frustrating. It's always nice to have a spare rotary cutter just in case yours breaks, or a stack of spare blades.

8. Clover Leather thimble

If you plan to do any hand quilting or hand binding a thimble is a good idea. I frequently forget to use mine and end up getting a sore on my finger. When I do remember to use a thimble I use this leather one. It's comfortable, flexible and gives nice protection to prevent sore fingers.

9. Aurifil Thread

I just love me some Aurifil thread! You are definitely going to spend more on high quality thread, but it is going to prevent a lot of frustration. I once was having so many problems with thread breaking and thought it was my machine, but realized it was the lower quality thread I was using trying to save some money. Aurifil is wonderful, I never have thread issues with this brand.

10. Gift Card to Fat Quarter Shop

There are a ton a tiny quilt shops out there. If you have a favorite then get a gift card there because supporting a small business brings the most joy.

I like Fat Quarter Shop because it has a wide variety of fabrics, notions and batting to choose from. For instance my mom and I have opposite quilting tastes. She loves reproduction fabrics and I love anything modern and bright. But we both love the Fat Quarter Shop because we can both find the fabric we love. Plus, a little gift card in a stocking is a pretty fun gift to find.

If you already know what kind of fabric the quilter in your life wants then stuff a couple fat quarters in their stocking to make their day.

Quilting can be an expensive hobby, especially if you are just starting out. But all of these items are under $20, assuming you spend less than that on the gift card. Show your favorite quilter some love and give them a couple quilting supplies in their stocking this year.

Below is a picture of my sewing desk. I wrote the number of each item with where it is on my desk. You can see I keep all of them right at my finger tips because I use them regularly!

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