4 Ways to Sew a Four Patch

Four Patches are one of my favorite blocks. I love the simpleness and how they can be incorporated in so many different designs.

I filmed a small series of different ways to sew four patches for Instagram. You can find me at @thenomadicquilter

I wanted to make sure that they didn't get lost in my feed and could be a reference for other quilters, so I have all the videos in this post for you. Each is about a minute long. I hope they are helpful.

Here we go...

First and most basic way to sew a four patch.



This is probably my favorite way.


It's a great way to use up charm squares or scraps to sew four patches. I found that this way was the easiest to get my seams to nest perfectly.

The third way...

Not my favorite, but still easy.

I liked this way as well, however it does require drawing lines down the middle of the squares which the 2nd method does not. So for that reason it's not my favorite just because it takes more time. However, this is also an easy way to use up charm squares and scraps.

The last way, I promise!

This how I usually make four patches.

It's common that a pattern will have you make a large number of four patches with varying fabrics. This is a good way to do that.

This is especially useful if you are using strips like precuts (think Jelly Rolls) to make your four patches.






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