Christmas Table Runner

Table runners are like a quilt but fast and festive. I thought it would be fun to design and share a quick, beginner friendly table runner pattern for Christmas. Here's my favorite part, because it is quick, you can easily make one as a gift for the next party you got to. Or just make them for all your favorite people in your life to tell them how much they mean to you.

You can download your copy here.


I wrote this pattern with strip piecing to cut down on time and waste. To make this version I used: 1/2 yard of red fabric, 1/3 yard white fabric, 1 fat quarter of green.

I went with the traditional Christmas colors for mine, but I have a couple mock ups for you below which show you what it can look like with other fabrics.

You can download this pattern my joining my newsletter list. Enjoy this pattern and have a happy holiday.

Download here.

Christmas Table Runner

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