Colored Glass Using Pure Solids by Art Gallery Fabrics

If you love fat quarter quilt patterns like I do, then you will probably love the Colored Glass Quilt Pattern. I designed this modern quilt pattern to look like stained glass windows, but without all the hard work. Seriously though, it’s a pattern designed for beginner quilters, for the most part has basic piecing, and comes in five sizes.

So far I have made three Colored Glass quilts, one with larger print fabrics, one with smaller print fabrics (find it here) and this one… all solids. Don’t ask me to choose a favorite, it would be like choosing a favorite child. However, I will tell you this solid one turned out beautiful!

About the Pattern

Colored Glass was inspired by the cathedrals and churches of Europe. The stained glass windows and the artistry of these holy places are something to behold. This design is meant as a simple imitation or mimic of the stained glass windows.

The pattern alternates between two different blocks. I did this for a couple reasons. First, I wanted to give more variety to the quilt than just one block would allow. This also makes piecing more interesting and allows quilters to work on different skills in different blocks. Secondly, I wanted half of the blocks to have a cross in them to pay tribute to my faith. Third, the Square in a Square blocks I wanted more basic piecing with the ability to add lots of colors.

As I said earlier the Colored Glass quilt pattern uses fat quarters and some background fabric. What I didn’t tell you is that each fat quarter is very efficiently used so that only about a 2 inch strip is left over. 

All of the cutting is done with a basic straight edge ruler and most of the pieces are the same size. This allows for pretty fast and easy cutting.

It was important to me that Colored Glass had all the sizes for you! That means there are measurements for 5 sizes!
Colored Glass sizes:
  • Baby 48 in. x 48 in.
  • Throw 60 in. x 60 in.
  • Twin 72 in. x 96 in.
  • Queen 96 in. x 108 in.
  • King 108 in. x 108 in.

 If you are a beginner quilter and this pattern makes you a bit nervous, have no fear! If you can sew a consistent 1/4 in. seam then this pattern should be a cinch. Also, I always suggest using a seam guide. Some of the best quilters use them. I don’t claim to be a great quilter by any means… but I do use a seam guide to make sure my seams are consistent.

One of the blocks in Colored Glass includes Flying Geese in the piecing. I use the No Waste Flying Geese Method in the directions. If you have never sewed Flying Geese before I have a tutorial on my blog to help you along. This goes over how to sew them, a few tricks I have learned, and trimming. I also share
my favorite ruler for easy trimming. You can find the tutorial here.

About this Quilt

 I decided to make this Colored Glass Quilt when my oldest daughter told me I should make one with all solids. I had been on the fence about it. When she said this I finally decided she was correct. I went through my fabric cabinet and pulled out a couple different options of fabrics.

I think I say it about every blog post, but I am colorblind. This makes choosing fabrics very hard for me. So I had pulled out what I thought would be a good mix of fabrics, all from Art Gallery’s Pure Solids line. My husband gave the go ahead, saying they all went well together.

I have to tell you a couple things I love about Pure Solids. First, the colors are so vibrant and beautiful! Second, and this goes for all Art Gallery Fabrics, their fabrics are smooth as butter. Like seriously, they are so soft! Art Gallery uses a finer thread and a tighter weave to make their fabrics uniquely soft and high quality. Thirdly, because of their fine weave I never have problems with the fabrics unraveling. They also press super well. All that to say, if you haven’t tried any yet, get yourself some.

It’s important when piecing a Colored Glass Quilt to mix up the pieces so the colors aren’t next to each other. This helps give the stained glass window appearance. 

This Colored Glass quilt has a bright white background fabric, also a Pure Solids. It contrasts nicely with the other colors. I like contrast in my quilts.

If you choose a contrasting background fabric for this quilt then make sure that your Flying Geese are trimmed correctly so they have the 1/4 inch of space on the edge to get the nice crisp point. This is same for trimming the Square in a Square units.

And if some of your points aren’t perfect… who cares. As long as you enjoy the quilt and the process of making it, that’s all that matters. I’ll tell you a secret, no quilter’s quilt is perfect. That’s part of what makes them special.

I finished this quilt off by quilting it myself with a wavy stitch. and using an Art Gallery Fabrics backing I had stashed away. 

I love this quilt! Two people have told me it looks like sunshine. I agree! I’m so glad I trusted my gut to choose the fabrics from my stash. Don't forget to be on the look out for some Pure Solids by Art Gallery Fabrics. You won't be sorry. 

If you make a Colored Glass Quilt I would love to see it. Share with me on Instagram @thenomadicquilter.

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