How to Improve Your Quilt Photos!

Taking photos of quilts can be hard. When I started quilting and wanted to share what I was making, my quilt photos looked flat and uninspiring. I learned how to take better photos of my quilts by experimenting and asking questions. My photos have improved after I took the time to learn a couple key concepts about photography.

I have had several people reach out asking how to take better photos of their quilts. So I put together an ebook on how to take good quilt photos using what you already have.

This ebook is for everyone wanting to learn to take a better photo. You don't have to be a quilt pattern designer or shop owner. If you want to learn to take better photos of your projects this ebooks is for you!

The best part is it's FREE for newsletter subscribers!

Download your copy of the ebook here.


Example of a much better image of the same quilt!

 Grab this free ebook on me. Make sure to share your quilt photos!


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