Kailia's Quilt Sew-a-long Week 1

 Happy week 1 of the Kailia's Quilt Sew-a-long!

 The sew-a-long is 8 weeks long. If you are doing a scrappy version or are a beginner quilter and need a little extra time, this schedule should work well. 

If you don't have a copy of Kailia's Quilt Pattern yet, this is the week to get it. You can find it here

Let's talk fabric… So far I have made Kailia's Quilt using fat quarter bundles and scraps. This is a great pattern to pull fabric from your stash, or as in my case, dust off those large fat quarter bundles you have been hoarding. 

Using Fat Quarters
If you love mixing and matching fabrics then this is your super bowl. I suggest choosing a variety of colors and or patterns. When we get to block assembly you will see it's important to have fabrics that contrast a bit. The design of the quilt won't show if all the fabrics are one color or look too similar. If you struggle choosing fabrics and mixing colors like I do, then using a curated bundle might be the best choice. 

Using Precuts
Kailia's Quilt is precut friendly with 1 ½ inch precut strips and 5 inch x 5 inch precuts. Moda sells 1 ½ inch precut strips in bundles called Honey Buns. You can shop Honey Buns here. Moda also sells 5 inch x 5 inch precut squares called Charm Squares. You can shop Charm Packs here. If you do choose to use precuts next week's cutting will mostly be done for you! 
Using Scraps
If you are sewing with scraps, then now is the time to start digging through your scrap bin. Decide which color scheme you want to go with. The scrappy version will take longer simply because of the sorting of fabrics and cutting. So I suggest getting a head start on cutting this week if you have time. 

When I made my rainbow version (below) I used two bowls to sort scraps with. All pieces large enough for the half square triangles went in one bowl, and all pieces for the striped blocks went in another. This made the cutting process easier because I knew which size I was trimming each scrap to. 

Fabric Suggestions
I asked or looked around some of my favorite fabric shops for some fabric bundles which would work with the throw size of Kailia's Quilt. All of the bundles have 23 fat quarters in a bundle or over. Here are some bundles I found:

Lamb and Loom
Camellia Bundle by Ruby Star Society


Fat Quarter Shop
Fat Quarter Bundles

Then Came June
TCJ Designer Basics by Kona

Lo and Behold Stitchery
Palette Picks by Kona 

Kaitlyn from Knot and Thread Design has offered to sponsor our sew-a-long. She is offering 20% off all longarm quilting for quilts made during our sew-a-long (expires three months from the end of the sew-a-long). Visit her site to see her bag patterns and quilts!

Katie from Katies Quilting Co. has also offered to sponsor the sew-a-long. She is offering 20% off on longarm quilting for quilts made during our sew-a-long. She is also giving away free quilting to one lucky person at the end of our sew-a-long. 

A big thank you to our sponsors! I can't wait to see what fabric you chose! Feel free to share on Instagram this week using the hashtag #kailiasquiltsal  Feel free to email, or message me on Instagram if you have any questions.

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