Kailia's Quilt Sew-a-long Week 6


It's so fun to see all the Half Square Triangles popping up on Instagram. I love seeing all the fabric choices and trying to envision what each participant's quilt is going to look like.  

In week 6 our hard work starts paying off because we start assembling our blocks and get to really see how each color and pattern interacts. 
A couple things to keep in mind when making your blocks…
I don't usually lay out each block but like to sew randomly. There are so many fabrics and options in this quilt it usually turns out just fine. 

When I am sewing the HSTs together I like to alternate between light and dark fabrics. It doesn't mean that the fabric is necessarily light, but it's light compared to the other one in the HST. You can see an example in the block below. 

Alternating the colors helps give the quilt a bit of organization and direction while also not requiring much planning. Try to get as many colors and patterns in each block as possible. This will also help make assembly easy later because the fabrics will be spread through out the quilt. 

If you are making a rainbow quilt or want each row to be a different color, this week will take more planning.  I suggest laying out each row like below and making sure you have the correct number of HSTs and blocks for each. Seeing how all the puzzle pieces will fit is important since each row is different. 

When I made my rainbow version I did this for each row so I knew I had enough of each color and enough variety of fabrics. It takes more time, but again the end result is worth the effort! 
Please excuse the terrible picture on my kitchen table in India :). 

Make sure to not sew all the HST into blocks. I usually count how many I will need for the ends and the top and bottom half rows and set those aside. Then, I sew up the rest. 
Let me know if you have any questions. If you are behind, don't worry because next week we have a catch up week. I announced the winner of the giveaway on Instagram today. Our next giveaway will be on week 8. You won't want to miss it. 

See you next week!


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