Two quilt shops in Las Vegas worth visiting

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My family misses traveling. We miss air plane rides and exploring other cultures. We miss the adventure of never knowing what might happen and where we might end up. Covid, go away already!

This last week we didn't get to go on a plane, but we were able to road trip to Las Vegas to visit friends. My husband had meetings all week, so my kids and I tagged along and visited the family who lived below us in Delhi.

This image is a pretty accurate picture of the road trip.

Of course, I decided to pop into a couple quilt shops while in Vegas. Kaitlyn from Knot and Thread Designs suggested I visit Quiltique in Henderson which is just a bit south of where we were staying.

I was amazed at the size of Quiltique! It's huge! Even though, it is a large store the layout is great so you don't feel overwhelmed. They had a great selection of fabrics (Art Gallery, Cotton and Steel, Tula Pink, Windham...). One thing I loved is the amount of Fat Quarters already cut and easy to find. It made shopping with my four kids in tow so much faster.

Quiltique has a huge section of store devoted to sewing machines. I didn't go into that part because I wasn't looking for one and as mentioned before I had four ticking time bombs with me. However, if you are in Vegas and looking for a machine I think this would be a great place to visit. Their staff was very professional and helpful while I was looking.

My favorite part of Quiltique is the sale room. I couldn't believe the amount of fabrics they had on sale. Again, Fat Quarters of the sale fabrics were easy to find. There was also a small toy area in the sale room for my kids to keep themselves occupied.

Quiltique, also has a variety of notions, tools and knickknacks. Husbands would be happy to know there are two cushioned chairs by the front door with fishing and all manor of "manly" magazines available.

If you are in Henderson or Las Vegas check out this bright and modern quilt shop.

Here is a peak inside Quiltique.

The next shop I visited wasn't recommended, but I just happened to pass it, and my non quilter friend (yes, I have those) said every time she drives by it she thinks of me. So I decided to give it a quick look one day.

I don't know what it is about Vegas, but both quilt stores I visited where massive. Sew Yeah Quilting was no exception. Just when I thought I had seen all the fabrics I would find another room with a different set of fabrics in it. Again, I didn't have a lot of time (kids...) but I took my four year old in with me. She loved looking around at all the colors and designs with me.

Sew Yeah Quilting also had a wide variety of fabrics, more than most local quilt shops I have been in. The shop's large size and organization makes shopping easy and not overwhelming. The children's and novelty section took us the longest to look through because so many fabrics drew my daughter's attention. They also have a great sale room with a wide range of fabrics and some precuts.

My favorite thing about this shop was the laid back atmosphere and just viewing all the fabric bolts. Since I struggle with colors, I loved how a large section of the fabrics are arranged by colors and not lines of fabrics. This makes shopping much easier for me. In fact, I had just purchased The Makings of Joy's Scrap Mountain quilt pattern and was looking for a couple color ways to make my own version. This was the perfect shop to try to figure out what colors I wanted to use. The staff was also friendly and helpful.

I bought these fabrics in small yardage cuts at Sew Yeah Quilting.


If you are visiting the Las Vegas area both Quiltique and Sew Yeah Quilting are worth a visit.

Happy quilting! And I sure hope we get back to traveling soon!




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