Review of the Bernette b35 Sewing Machine

I'm here today to talk about the Bernette b35. I was looking for a basic, reliable backup sewing machine. I live in Asia and needed to be able to get one quickly online because in my city there are not sewing machine stores. The Bernette b35 was the easiest to get with the best reviews.

I asked my followers on Instagram if any used this model or had experience with Bernette sewing machines. I heard back from several people who said their stores use these machines for beginner classes. 

I also had several people ask for a review of the machine. I wanted to wait until I had used it for a while to see how I really like it. So here is my unbiased review...


I ordered the Bernette b35 on Amazon in my country. So it came within a week. It came nicely boxed which is a concern in getting packages here.

The Bernette b35 has 23 stitches, 60 stitch functions overall, and comes with your standard accessories.

It does not have a computer system. This is your basic beginner sewing machine. I didn't want a computer system in the model I was buying for a couple reasons. First, it makes it much harder to find someone to repair a machine here. Second, buying a sewing machine with a computer system is going to automatically make it much more expensive and I'm on a budget. Third, I knew 90% of the time I would only be using one stitch on this machine, so a beginner model serves my purpose. 

I was hesitant to buy this model because I had a very similar model, of a different brand, which always had thread breaking issues. So I was very afraid I would buy this model and then have the same issue.

I have had the Bernette b35 for one month and have had no thread breaking issues at all! I have made 3 quilt tops, 2 mini quilt tops and quilted 2 minis and 1 lap size quilt. I have also bound a couple quilts using this machine, all without a walking foot, and have had no thread breaking.

When I first started sewing I had a basic Brother sewing machine. This machine was a fine beginner model. However, it didn't have the power for binding or quilting quilts. The Bernette b35 definitely has the strength to go through a couple layers of fabrics.

I did quilt a medium sized quilt on it and would suggest a walking foot. The quilt turned out fine. But I didn't a quilting pattern I would have done if I had had a walking foot.

The only problem with quilting on this machine is the throat is not large. So I had to roll my quilt pretty tight during the quilting process.

It was perfect for quilting my minis though! Just make sure to baste them well so there is no bunching of fabric.

Here is an up close look at some quilting I did on a mini quilt. I did this without a walking foot and it looks great!

I was a bit worried about buying a Bernette, as I usually sew with a Janome. I worried that the set up of the machine would be different enough that I might have a hard time getting used to it. This was not the case at all. The machine is actually very similar and super easy to operate. This is probably why so many people reached out to me on Instagram and said they use the Bernette b35 for beginner classes or suggest it as a beginner machine.


Things I love about the Bernette b 35:

  • Small and light weight.
  • Great for traveling.
  • Easy to use and the features are similar to a Janome so it was easy for me to start operating right away.
  • Colors and design.
  • Fast and powerful.
  • Uses the local plug and voltage so no need for a converter.

Things I don't love:

  • The accessories tray is a little bit lower on mine than the needle plate. So each time I sew the seam is flipped and has even gotten stuck. I hate when my seams aren't going the correct direction.So I have been stopping at each seam and manually flipping each bottom seam which is super annoying.
  • The needle threader doesn't work. I have gotten it to work just a couple times after trying many, many times. Now I just don't use it because it's too frustrating.

So in review, if you are looking for a beginner sewing machine or a simple back up that isn't going to break the bank, this is it. I am super happy with my purchase.

So far it has been reliable and easy to operate. The machine came with oil so I can keep it maintained. I hope to have this machine for a long time. I just need to fine someone to fix my needle threader...

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I know it’s been a year, Get what you need for your project out of the accessory box then put a piece of painter’s tape over the place the seam flips.
Sorry to hear about the threader, they can be frustrating and seem to get damaged easily.


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