Twin size Lodhi Garden Quilt

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The Lodhi Garden quilt is now available for purchase!

The first Lodhi Garden Quilt I made was with solids and the second was with Floral Elements by Art Gallery Fabrics which is a blender fabric. I wanted to make a version that used a variety of fabrics, not just one brand, some blenders, some solids and some patterns. However, I do not have enough scraps to make this happen. I also do not have the ability to match colors to get the hombre look necessary for each flower. That's when I called in a professional...

I have been a long time fan and customer of Fabric Bubb. Kristina, the shop owner, makes the most amazing bundles, combining fabrics that I never would think to pair. I contacted Kristina and told her about the fabrics I needed to make a twin size Lodhi Garden Quilt. We went back and forth in email discussing fabrics. A week later (this lady is busy, so if you want a custom order you might need to wait a couple days depending on her availability) I got an email with different options she had come up with based off her Extreme Homebody Bundle. She was so helpful and made the process easy. I was also extremely pleased with the bundle we came up with.

I chose Essex Linen for the background fabric. I think the color was Oyster, which went well with the muted colors in the bundle. Here is a peak of the quilt before it was quilted...

I looked through the backings I had on hand and chose one that went with the front. However, I was 24 inches short of fabric. So I used the scraps from the front to piece together the 24 inches needed. I love doing this because it adds some character to the back of the quilt, uses up those scraps, saves on the amount of fabric backing to buy and brings in some of the front to the back of the quilt. Here is a peak of the back:

As you can see above I off set the fabric scraps in the backing. I usually do one extra piece of scraps in a straight line across the quilt back. But for a little variety I offset it. It turned out a little quirky which is what I was going for.

Because of the size of the quilt I sent it out to Kaitlyn of Knot and Thread Design to be quilted. We discussed some different Lotus quilting designs and I chose my favorite. The finished product is beautiful! I think I might even take it home with us (when we get home after Covid) and put it on one of my girl's beds. Enjoy some more pictures below.


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