Week 2 Kailia's Quilt Sew-a-long

It's week 2 of the Kailia's Quilt Sew-a-long and it's time to get cutting!

This week we are cutting our fabrics. Thankfully, Kailia's Quilt has simple cutting. Although, if you are a beginner quilter make sure to be exact with your cuts, especially the 1 ½ inch strips. Those pieces are already thin and it's easy for the fabric to shift slightly when cutting if you're not careful. 

To avoid frustration I like to change my blade when cutting fabric for a new quilt, especially since we will be trimming half square triangles soon.

Precut quilters, most of your cutting is already done for you. So this week is pretty easy. 

Scrappy quilters, this week is a big week for you! I think cutting my fabric was the most time consuming part of making my scrappy version of Kailia's Quilt Pattern. I started this process by digging through my scraps and pulling out the colors I wanted to use first, then divided them into piles depending on which cut I would use it for.

Because my scrappy quilt was a rainbow I organized my 5 inch x 5 inch pieces by color to help me keep track of how many more I needed. If you are making a scrappy quilt with no organization, then the cutting won't take quite as long because you won't have to organize by color. 

Fat Quarter quilters, this week is also a pretty fast week. After changing the blade of my rotary cutting I was able to cut through 3 or 4 layers of fabric. So my cutting was done super quick. It's all stacked and ready for sewing next week. I decided to use fat quarters for my version, but I added in a couple extra so my quilt will be a row longer than the throw size. This pattern is very adaptable, so make it work for you!

Next week we will be sewing our striped blocks together. It will be fun to see how the fabrics start playing off each other. Until then, follow the hashtag #kailiasquiltsal to see what other quilters are up to. 

Make sure to get a copy of the pattern if you haven't already!

Happy Quilting,




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