Week 3 of the Kailia's Quilt Sew-a-long

I don't know about you, but I was sure ready to start sewing. I wanted to see what my fabrics would look like when they started to come together in block form. This week we are doing steps 1-4. Read the directions carefully as we begin. 

Just a reminder, as a whole Kailia's Quilt has a random look about it. But it's constructed in block form so we can have more control over pairing the fabrics. Ideally each block will have all different fabrics in it. Spacing out fabrics with similar colors and designs will help the pattern of the quilt stand out more. 

A couple helpful tips: 
Make sure to keep a consistent seam allowance all the way through the quilt. If you sew with a scant ¼ inch or a full ¼ inch it doesn't matter, just make sure to keep the same seam allowance all the way through the quilt. This is especially important this week when we are sewing the striped blocks. If you are beginner quilter and are still working on a consistent seam allowance, I suggest using a seam guide. 


When I sew my strips together I like to lay them all across the top of my machine and randomly sew them together. I try not to over think it too much. That's my favorite part of Kailia's Quilt Pattern, it doesn't take much planning or organizing. 
Make sure to give all of the units from step 1 a good press before continuing. This will really make a difference with your points matching up perfectly later. 

I am usually not much of a pinner. However, with this quilt I use all the pins! You can see above I take the time to pin each seam when sewing these units together. I suggest putting the pins in at an angle like above. This allows you to sew right up to the seam before pulling the pin out. 

Lastly, make sure to set aside the units you will need for the single rows in step 10. Sometimes I forget and then have to rip some seams because I have sewn all the units together.
Thanks for being a part of the sew-a-long! Don't forget to use the hashtag #kailiasquiltsal to see what others are making and to post your own photos. 
Also, a big thank you to Knot and Thread Design and Katie Quilting Co. for sponsoring the sew-a-long! 

See you next week!

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