Week 5 of the Kailia's Quilt Sew-a-long!

I hope week 4 of Half Square Triangles (HSTs) went well. Week 5 is all about finishing our HSTs. If you did half of the HSTs last week, then this week it's time to do the other half. If you sewed and pressed last week, then this week it's time to trim.

There are a couple different ways people like to trim. You can see my tutorial here, which shows probably the most common way to trim HSTs. 
I also have these Slotted Trimmers which work very well for trimming HSTs. This ruler is used before the HSTs are pressed, but give the blocks a nice accurate cut. I am usually not a proponent of buying extra rulers, but if you really don't like trimming HSTs then I suggest trying it out. 

Also, random side note, the first Kailia's Quilt I made I watched the new Persuasion on Netflix while I trimmed the HSTs. It made the time go faster and I enjoyed the trimming process. Anyone have any shows/movies they plan on watching while trimming this week? If so share on Instagram so we can see what you are up to. :) #kailiasquiltsal


This week is the first giveaway! If you finished all those HSTs then you deserve a little treat! Enter by posting a photo (on Instagram) with your trimmed HSTs and a picture of the Kailia's Quilt Pattern somewhere in the background. Tag your picture with the hashtag #kailiasquiltsal .
The mini bundle above is all cotton fabric from Jaipur, India. I brought it back with me during this visit to the U.S. This giveaway is for those living in the U.S. and Canada only. 

See you next week and thanks for following along!


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