Welcome to Week 4 of the Kailia's Quilt Sew-a-long!

It's time to get started on our Half Square Triangles. I'm ready, are you?

If you are an experienced quilter you might be wondering why the pattern doesn't have 8 at a time Half Square Triangles (HST). Am I just trying to drive you crazy by writing it with 2 at a time?

I know it takes more time to sew 2 at a time HSTs, but for this pattern it's important to get as many combinations of HSTs as possible. This really helps with the scrappy look we are going for.

If you are new to quilting and want a tutorial on 2 at a time HSTs, I have one for you here.

Since we have so many HSTs to sew I decided to break up this process into two parts. This week we will sew and press our HSTs and week 5 we will do all the trimming, or you can do half the HSTs this week and half next week. Either way, I was trying to make the process a little less overwhelming. 

If you really don't like trimming HSTs then I suggest you look at the Slotted Trimmer. I am suggesting it this week because it is used before the HSTs are pressed. Some people like it, some don't. I'm just giving it as option because it's nice to switch things up sometimes. 


I thought we might need a little motivation to keep us on track during weeks 4 and 5. So at the end of week 5 I'll be choosing 1 winner to get the fat quarter bundle above. To enter you need to post a picture of your trimmed HSTs with the Kailia's Quilt pattern somewhere in the photo (it can be on an ipad or computer). 
Don't worry, I'll remind you again next week so you have time to finish up and post your picture with the hashtag #kailiasquiltsal.
Click the link below to check out bundles in my shop. 

Have a great week!


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