Quilting Dictionary

Quilting can be confusing if you are just starting out. Here is a list of some common quilting words and their definitions.

Backing- the layer of fabric on the back side of the quilt

Basting- When all three layers of a quilt are held together using either spray, pins or thread for quilting

Batting- the material between placed between the quilt top and the backing to add weight and warmth to the quilt. There are a variety of different types of batting.

Bias- 45 degree diagonal line across the horizonal and vertical threads of woven fabics. This cut of fabric has more stretch.

Bias Binding- cutting binding strips on the 45 diagonal line

Binding- long piece of fabric sewn to the outer edge of the quilt to cover the raw edge

Fat-Eighth- A 1/8th yard of fabric which measures 9 inches x 21 inches

Fat Quarter- A 1/4 yard of fabric which measures 18 inches x 21 inches

Fussing Cutting- Cutting out a specific object from fabric to include in a quilt

Hand Quilting- sitiching through all three layers of your quilt (quilt top, batting, backing) by hand

Machine Quilting- stitching through all three layers of your quilt (quilt top, batting, backing) using a sewing machine

Machine Tension- determines the quality of the stitch, the needle and bobbin tension must be balanced to have a balanced stitch. Tension can be affected by many things consult your machine manual.

Pessing- Pressing an iron on fabric, lifting the iron off, then moving to a new spot, instead of sliding an iron across fabric

Puckered Seam- seams that look gathered or pulled up, can be caused by poor machine tension or fabric being pulled

Quilt Sandwich- The three parts of the quilt layered together, quilt top, batting, backing (this is done when basting)

Sashing- Strips of fabric which border blocks or add a visual break in the quilt

Seam Allowance- in quilting seam allowance is 1/4 inch, which is the distance between the edge of the fabric and the seam line.

Selvage- the edge on woven fabric which prevents if from unraveling

Squaring a Quilt- trimming the edges off the quilt in order to straighten the edges to sew on the binding

Walking Foot- a sewing machine foot which has grippers to help pull thicker or layered fabric through the machine. These are commonly used when quilting.