Baby Size Little Three Creeks Quilt

The baby size Little Three Creeks Quilt is here and it's so cute and perfect. This modern quilt pattern is one of my favorites, probably because it's inspired by one of my favorite places on earth, Central Oregon and the Three Sisters

Originally the Little Three Creeks Quilt Pattern had only one size, Large Throw. I had so many people write me asking for a bed size and a baby size that I decided to rewrite the pattern and add these two sizes.

This is the first baby sized Little Three Creeks I have made. You can find a copy of the pattern here.



When rewriting the pattern I quickly realized the design of each size would need to be slightly different in order to get the correct measurements. Because of this rewriting the pattern took a month! Plus, quilt math is different for each size so the Little Three Creeks Pattern is like getting three different patterns in one.

If you want to read about the other throw versions I have made of the Little Three Creeks Quilt Pattern click here and here.

About the Pattern

Little Three Creeks was inspired by a favorite family hike in Central Oregon. Every summer as a kid by dad would take us on this hike and now it's my kid's favorite hike. The three mountains represent the Three Sister Mountains. The middle section of the quilt represents the three creeks from the hike.

When I designed this quilt pattern I wanted it to have the feel of looking at a mountain while standing in front of a lake. The bottom mountain scene is a reflection of the top mountain just like you would see in nature.


The Little Three Creeks modern quilt pattern is a great skill building quilt pattern.

Skills used in this quilt:

  • sewing half square triangles
  • sewing half rectangle triangles
  • adding borders/sashing

If you are a beginning quilter and want to grow your skills, this is the perfect pattern. You will learn how to make eight at a time half square triangles. You will also learn how to sew and trim half rectangle triangles (don't be scared of these like I used to be!). Also, adding borders and sashing can be annoying. Little Three Creeks has minimal sashing which makes it a great quilt for learning the right way to sew on sashing and borders.

To read a tutorial on half rectangle triangles click here.

I do not suggest this be your first quilt pattern. I think that would be frustrating. But if you have a consistent 1/4 in. seam down and know some basics this is a great pattern for you.

As I said earlier Little Three Creeks has three sizes:

  • Baby 36 in. x 39 in.
  • Large Throw 55 in. x 75 in.
  • Bed 84 in. x 90 in.

Each of these sizes has a slightly different layout.

This Baby Quilt

I made this quilt in August when it was getting toward fall. I wanted to make sure to use fall inspired colors for this quilt. However, this is a bit harder pattern to pull fabric from your stash for, which is what I have been doing for all my quilts this year.

It took me a couple of hours to pull all my "fallish" fabrics out, then figure out which ones had enough yardage for the pattern. I assigned fabric to each mountain and made sure they coordinated. This took me way longer than I expected, because many of the fabrics I wanted to use didn't have enough yardage.

The background of this quilt is Creme de le Creme by Art Gallery Fabrics. It's a great off white/cream fabric. It added a fall feel to the background.

Since I pulled the fabric for this quilt from my stash I don't have many details about it.

Working on My Quilting Skills

The baby size Little Three Creeks is a fun size to practice some creative straight line quilting with. 

When I do my own quilting I generally try to do an easy design which won't require too much forethought and planning.

The Little Three Creeks Quilt has some nice lines which are easy to follow. That's what I did with this quilt.

I first started by quilting the mountains by using them as a guide. Then, I quilted the creek also following the lines.

It's easiest to practice more complicated designs, which require moving the quilt around a lot, when the quilt is on the smaller end. This baby size quilt was the perfect size to move around in my machine without too much pulling and adjusting.

I absolutely love the quilting and am glad I spent the extra time quilting a design.

If you want to work on some new quilting skills I suggest making some baby size quilts, or minis, and practicing on these. It will be much less frustrating and the projects are small so they won't take a long time.

The Little Three Creeks Quilt Pattern is a great pattern to work on new skills. I also love it's modern look. The baby size keeps the same feel as the throw and bed version. I'll be making another one of these again. It would be an awesome baby gift.

Grab a copy of Little Three Creeks today! Paper and PDF are available for purchase.

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