Inspiration Behind the Little Three Creeks Quilt Pattern

You can find the Little Three Creeks Pattern in my shop.

Little Three Creeks is a modern quilt pattern which uses yardage to create the mirrored mountains and creek scene. If you love half square triangles or even if you don't (LOL) this is a fun, fresh modern take on incorporating mountains into your quilt.

Inspiration Behind the Pattern

The Little 3 Creeks modern quilt pattern is inspired by a favorite hike from my childhood. Each summer my family would stay for a week in Central Oregon. My dad had us on a strict schedule so we could make sure to do all the things (swim, bike, hike, go to town...). One of our favorite hikes during each summer was called Little Three Creeks. It's an easy out and back hike to a lake, relatively flat with beautiful scenery. This summer I convinced my husband to buy a baby back pack so we could start hiking as a family. This quickly became one of our favorite family activities and we started going every week.

Little Three Creeks was our first hike as a family this summer. It was also our last of the season. We loved it so much we just had to do it twice.

The beauty of this place is too much to capture in a picture.

I was inspired by this magical place to create a quilt pattern representing not only Little Three Creeks, but also Central Oregon. The three mountains in the quilt represent the Three Sisters Mountains which are some of the most striking mountains in Oregon. In the middle of the quilt you can see the three creeks which obviously represents our favorite hike. And lastly the mountains are shadowed on each end just as you would see them reflected off a lake.

This is the first version of Little Three Creeks I made.

I hope you like this quilt as much as I do. It has lots of half square triangles, but that also allows you to use scraps if you want for the mountains. I haven't done a version like this yet, but hope to soon.

You can read about this version of Little Three Creeks here.

Below are some more images from our Little Three Creek hikes for you to enjoy.

Getting this one to hike was a struggle because she insisted on gathering all the sticks she could find.


Usually she rode in here with her favorite hiking buddy.

My oldest two even got along when we hiked.


I miss summer, how about you?

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