My First Hidden Shapes Quilt

My first Hidden Shapes Quilt turned out to be a baby size. I love it so much I wanted to share the quilt with you all.

Hidden Shapes is my modern quilt pattern which includes flying geese, square in a square and four patch blocks. This pattern is a great basic quilt pattern for beginner quilters wanting to learn some basic blocks.

You can buy a copy of the Hidden Shapes Quilt Pattern here.


I named this the Hidden Shapes Pattern because when I started designing it I wanted stars to stand out in the quilt. The square in a square blocks create stars with each four patch and each flying geese block. However, I realized when I made the quilt the stars don't really stand out like I originally thought they would. Hence the name, since the stars are hidden and there are just a lot of different shapes going on.

As I said this quilt pattern uses flying geese. If you are new to quilting this is an important block to learn. It can be frustrating if you haven't done them before. I suggest practicing on scrap fabric until you have the trimming down. You can find a tutorial for flying geese here.

The four patch is also a very common block. The first quilt I ever made had four patches in it. I love this block because it's easy to get a nice point with and there are multiple ways to make them. You can see four different ways to sew a four patch here.

Lastly, the square in a square block is also a well known block. This is a good block to have in your tool belt if you don't know how to sew it yet. The pattern uses a no waste method, so no fabric is thrown away. You can find a tutorial here.

What do I love most about this quilt pattern? It's just fun! It reminds me of a party. I love all the fabrics you can use, combined with the accent and background fabric. I wanted to call the pattern sprinkles, but I think there was another pattern with that name.

The Hidden Shapes Quilt Pattern has four sizes options:

  • Baby (40 in. x 40 in.)
  • Throw (60 in. x 70 in.)
  • Twin (70 in. x 90 in.)
  • Queen (90 in. x 110 in.)

 This quilt pattern is beginner friendly, but it assumes the quilter has basic quilting knowledge and can sew a consistent 1/4 in. seam.

This quilt was made using a bundle I had bought a while ago. I loved the combination of fabrics and wouldn't have thought to put them together. The fabrics are from one of my favorite fabric companies, Ruby Star Society.

I also happened to have a good bit of scraps of the accent fabric (Fabric A) available. I had used this fabric previously for the backing of a quilt. This excess was cut from the edge of the quilt. I had sent an oversized backing. I had just enough of the soft pink fabric to use for the square in a square blocks and it went so well with the bundle. Plus, I didn't have to buy any fabric!

The flying geese blocks in this quilt are placed in random order. This makes the quilt fun and you get to choose the final look of your quilt. I personally like to mix it up and randomly place them different directions.

I quilted this quilt myself. It's so fun quilting baby size quilts. If you are new to quilting, baby size are a good size to practice on. It's easy to pull the quilt through the machine and maintaining straight lines or a design is a breeze.

The smaller the quilt, the easier the basting. Basting is my arch nemesis. I really don't like it.  Basting this was easy because this was a baby size quilt. So I basted it on the kitchen counter and used pins.

I started out quilting 1 inch lines across the quilt. I was debating leaving the quilt like this. But I decided to add a line in between at the 1/2 inch line mark. This wavy line stitch is not on all machines. But if you have it, it's a very forgiving stitch.

The 1/2 inch lines made the quilt turn out so cute!

I went back to my local quilt shop and bought backing and binding to match the fabric on the front. I love that it matches and it made it easy for me. Choosing fabrics can be a challenge sometimes.

This Hidden Shapes baby quilt turned out just about perfect. Get yourself a copy of this fun quilt pattern and make a quilt of your own.


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