Old Muscat Souq quilt featuring Trouvaille by Art Gallery Fabrics

The Old Muscat Souq quilt pattern is a modern quilt pattern inspired by a family trip to Oman. I was so inspired on this trip by all the beautiful shapes and designs I saw built into walls, buildings and Mosques. You can read all about the inspiration and see some pictures here.


I love the center star in this quilt, but love even more how the corner insets show off the star and create lines throughout the quilt. This is a great pattern to combine solids and patterned fabric or just to show off some new fabric. My first version of this quilt used a combination of solids and prints by Art Gallery Fabrics. I bought the Trouvaille line and coordinating solids from the Fat Quarter Shop. I love how they carry all the Art Gallery lines, but also a fat quarter bundle of coordinating solids.  This makes choosing fabrics so easy for color challenged people like me. Because I used two different fat quarter bundles I had plenty of fabric. I went through and pulled out my favorite colors and patterns and set the rest of the bundles to the side.



This pattern took a while to figure out the measurements. The stars and their corners were the hardest. So I started first by using scraps. I think I made about 4 different blocks of the star using different measurements before I found the correct size each cut of fabric needed to be. It was so satisfying when I finally figure it out.

Once I had the measurements down I started cutting up the fat quarters. Then, I mixed and matched the pieces so I knew which fabric I wanted in each block. I stacked all the cut fabrics and kept them on my ironing board or next to my sewing machine. I am currently sewing at the kitchen table, which means my end is a bit of a mess. Ok, it's a big mess. But let's call it controlled chaos. I try to keep the fabric I am currently working with away from where anyone else would be tempted to touch or drop it (I have a couple of tiny hands in my house who love to get into everything). I also take a picture on my phone of the fabrics arranged by block. This is my back up in case someone ( think little hands again) get into my fabric. In the case of this quilt pattern, two of the background fabrics are only 1/4 inch different in size. I got confused a couple times on which was which. So I put a Post It note on each measurement so I wouldn't get confused anymore.

The great thing about this pattern is it doesn't use any special rulers, just your basic straight line ruler will do. There also isn't much trimming or really any once you start sewing. The only reason I trimmed is if my seams were a bit off.

For the binding I chose Post Morning Light. I just love the little flowers on this print. It ties in perfectly with the rest of the quilt while also giving a bit of pizazz to the edge of the quilt. For the backing I pieced together the fabric scraps from the quilt top as well as cut up the rest of the fat quarters in the bundles. I also had a couple yards of Appletini from the Pure Solids line which matched well with this fabric line. So I used this on one half of the backing and the other half was pieced.


 Here is a small peak at the back of my quilt. More pictures coming soon.

Of course I had some help from my usual baster helper. He gets paid $5 a quilt and he dislikes basting as much as I do. As they say, misery loves company. LOL! 


 This cute gal also wanted to get in on the action.

I quilted this using the wavy stitch and half an inch spacing between each row. I love the texture and the elegance of this quilt. The weather has been terrible lately so I hope to take more photos soon.



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