Red Fort Quilt Along Week 4

Week four here we go! Last week we made 5 Red Fort of Agra quilt blocks. But I have a hunch that some of you couldn't stop at 5. These are super hard to stop making once you start. I love seeing how each block comes together a little differently than the last.

I noticed this week several stores with the Pollinate line available or for preorder. So if you love this Art Gallery Fabrics line start looking for it in stores.


This week I wanted to show you how I lay out/piece my blocks together. I usually always start by sewing the middle row of the block together first. I sew about four blocks together at a time. If I do more than that then I get mixed up on what I am doing, especially because I have four children who constantly need something and it's hard to keep one train of thought going for any length of time.

Next, I lay out the side pieces and find 4 of the four patches that have different squares than the others. It's inevitable in this pattern some of the squares are going to be the same in these blocks. However, if some of the squares in the four patches match the other four patches then I rotate the four patches so the matching fabrics are not close to each other in the block. WOW! That was a confusing way to explain it. How about this: try to have the most variety in each block.


I usually don't arrange the blocks until all are sewn together. But, I do not have a design wall nor the space to lay them out. So if you have either of those that might be a fun thing to do as you make progress on this quilt.

We have 5 more blocks to sew this week. Post a picture on Instagram of your favorite block so far. Tag #redfortquiltalong and @thenomadicquilter so I can see as well.

If you have any questions, feel free to write them below and I'll get back to you. Happy quilting!


  • Ditto! I couldn’t stop Shelby, this is the coolest pattern! Thank you for the tips: I’ll give your method a try..I’ve just been laying out one entire block at a time.

  • Caught me! I couldn’t stop once I got in a groove — but I am making the larger throw size so I’m right on track!


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