The G-Force Quilt Featuring First Light by Ruby Star Society

 You can find a copy of the G-Force in my shop.

The G-Force modern quilt pattern is inspired by my grandparents. I love the large center hearts in each block with the dashes and diagonal lines on the sides. It works with large scale print fabrics or solids. It's crisp and simple design gives this pattern it's modern and fresh look. Grab a copy of this pattern in my store.

The G-Force is named after the nickname we have called my grandparents for years. Every card, letter or gift I have gotten from my grandparents has had this heart design at the bottom next to their signed names. I first made a version of this quilt as a gift for my grandma a couple years ago. It took me until now to be ready to share the pattern with others. This year I finally decided to refigure the measurements (yes, I forgot to write them down) and modify it slightly to create this pattern.

Although my grandpa is no longer with us, I still refer to my grandma as the G-Force. Below is an image I took on January 4th, 2022. It would have been grandpa's 100th birthday. Grandma pulled this picture of grandpa out to show my kids and I asked to take her picture because I thought it was so sweet.

The G-Force: Loren and Mary Jane Edmonds

The Fabrics in this Quilt

I love Ruby Star Society's fabric. It's colors and modern designs inspire me. When I saw the First Light fabric collection I just loved the brighter colors and the flowers in the fabrics. I also loved the vibrant reds and thought the color combinations would look perfect with the G-Force pattern.

The Light Sweet Cream Sono was the perfect fabric for the background of this quilt. I frequently use white as a background color because let's face it, white is a safe choice. I know this fabric isn't exactly a wild and crazy choice, but I love the slight texture to the fabric and the cream color.

First Light has so many fabrics I like it was hard for me to choose which ones to use in this quilt. So I bought more than I needed and played around with them at home to figure out exactly which ones to use in the quilt. These are the ones I finally decided on:

These fabrics were vibrant and popped with color against the cream background. All the fabrics in the quilt are from the First Light line. I used Goldenrod Chunkydots for the backing and Peach Blossom Moonrise for the binding. Even my husband, who really doesn’t comment much on my quilts, said he liked the backing of this quilt.

About the Quilt Pattern

    The G-Force quilt pattern is broken up into two parts, sewing the heart and sewing the side dashes/diagonals lines. The heart comes together quite quickly and easily. The side pieces are where most the time will be spent when making this quilt, but there isn't any tricky piecing or special rulers involved.

    I really wanted this pattern to be fat quarter friendly. But it turns out the measurements are 1/4 inch too short. So instead the G-Force pattern uses 3/8 yards for all the heart fabrics. This larger cut of fabric also gives you room in your cutting to turn the fabric whichever way is needed for directional fabric.

    The G-Force modern quilt pattern comes in three sizes.

    • Baby: 32 in. x 34 in.
    • Throw: 58 in. x 71 in.
    • Full: 84 in. x 88 in.

    The baby size quilt uses only one block. So you can easily make this quilt using scraps for the heart fabrics and give it as a gift to an expecting mother.

    The throw size is a large throw. It could easily be made into a twin by adding a larger sashing around the perimeter. I kind of wish I had done that with this version. It would have looked so cute on my daughter's bed.

    Bonus Mini Quilt

    The pattern has an additional mini quilt pattern. I included directions on how to use the trimmed corners to make a small quilt. I hate seeing all those corner pieces going to waste. It was a super fast make and I was able to experiment with quilting as I went along. Mine will be going on my wall soon.


    Above is my mini quilt using the corner pieces. I played around with the half square triangles to come up with a design I liked.

    Finishing This Quilt

    I don't mind quilting a quilt on my own. But sending one out to a professional is just so much more fun. We are moving back to our flat in Asia soon so this was my last chance to enjoy this luxury. I sent this quilt out to Kaitlyn from Knot and Thread Design. So far she is the only person, besides me, who quilts my quilts. She chose this design. I was not too sure at first. In fact I think I told her this wasn't the pattern and to keep sending me ideas. Then I changed my mind because she has a great eye for choosing designs. I trust her judgement at this point more than my own. The quilting goes so well with the cheerfulness of the quilt design and the fabrics. So, yeah, I'm glad I chose this pantograph.

    I have to say, if you see First Light by Ruby Star Society in a store, take a look at it. The colors, softness and quality of the fabric is perfect for modern quilting. You won't be disappointed.

    And... if you are looking for a Valentines looking quilt pattern this might be the one for you. But really, this quilt isn't meant for Valentines Day. When I look at it I just think of the G-Force and all the good times we had, especially before my grandpa passed away. And if you have a minute today write someone you love a note and put a glowing heart on it.

    Happy Quilting!

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