The G-Force Quilt Pattern

The G-Force modern quilt pattern is out just in time for you to make it for Valentines Day! This heart quilt pattern was inspired by my grandparents and is all about love and family. The pattern uses 3/8 yards or if you want a bit more colors in your quilt, fat quarters are the way to go. Grab a copy of the G-Force modern quilt pattern in my store.



 Why the G-Force? 

Let's start with explaining the name of the quilt. I mean "G-Force"doesn't seem to be the most obvious name for this quilt. Am I right? Here's the scoop. I first created this quilt design as a gift to my grandma. Every card, letter or note we have ever gotten always has what I call the "glowing heart" at the bottom right next to her signed name. She is wonderful at remembering everyone's birthday and writing notes to make you feel guilty for not visiting her enough. She has this cursive script that my kids can't read, but I can since I've been doing it for so long. The one thing she always puts on the bottom? That glowing heart... I'd say it's her signature by now. I have even started doing it on all my notes to my kids, because I love a good tradition.

Here is grandma's quilt. I stuck with the traditional reds for the hearts.


 I guess I never did explain the name "G-Force". You see years ago my cousins came up with the nickname of G-Force to refer to both my grandpa and grandma. We are all about funny names and it was a way to refer to both of them quickly. However, a couple years ago my grandpa passed away. So now just half of the G-Force remains, but the name lives on.

Grandma holding grandpa's portrait on what would have been his 100th birthday this year (Jan. 4, 2022).

If you compare closely the quilt I made for my grandma and the G-Force pattern you might notice it's a bit different. You see I made my grandma's quilt a couple years ago. It took me a long time to get the measurements just right for that version and I think I wasn't quite ready yet to share the quilt pattern with the world. I tend to write the measurements in my planner or on random pieces of paper or post its. As you might guess this isn't very efficient and causes quite a bit of confusion for me. And yes, it drives my husband crazy. :)

When it came time to finally write this quilt pattern down and share it with you all I decided I wanted to make a few adjustments. Since I couldn't find any of the measurements from before, no surprise there, it was the perfect time to start fresh and see what improvements I could make on the look of quilt. I made the dashes/lines on the sides closer into the heart and made the whole block a bit more compact. I think the look is much better than the previous version.

Here is one of my test blocks. I used scraps to make this.

About the Pattern

The G-Force is a fun pattern because it has a large heart in the middle of each block, which is great for large scale print fabrics. However, you can see in the first image in this post the pattern also looks great in small scale prints. I have also made the G-Force in all solids, adding in extra fabrics by using fat quarters, this makes for a fun, vibrant quilt.

The pattern lists the fabric requirements as 3/8 yards for the heart fabrics. With this amount you will have plenty of fabric and will be able to turn the fabric, if it's directional, so the pieces can be cut in a variety of ways. I did make one variation of the G-Force with fat quarters. However, your fat quarters have to measure more like 18 1/2 in. x 21 in. instead of the traditional 18 in. x 21 in. When I measured it all out fat quarters are 1/4 in. too small for this pattern.

The G-Force quilt pattern is available in three different sizes.

  • Baby - 32 in. x 34 in.
  • Throw - 58 in. x 71 in.
  • Full - 84 in. x 88 in.

The throw size could easily be converted into a twin by adding a larger border to the outer edge of the quilt. I think this would look super cute on a little girl's bed.

The G-Force quilt pattern is listed as for the advanced beginner. I say this because I don't think this would be a great pattern for a first time quilter. But there are no special rulers or tricks needed for this quilt. So give it a try if you can confidently sew a 1/4 inch seam.

I made this version of the G-Force using scraps. I only had enough for four blocks so I added the sashing/edges to make it the size I wanted.

The Mini Bonus

There is a large amount of cutting off corners in this quilt. For this reason a good amount of background fabric is used. I realized after making one of my quilts I had a ton of corner scraps left in a big pile. So I decided to sew these up. There were just enough to create a fun little quilt! At the end of the pattern I give directions on how to use the scraps from this quilt to make a mini quilt. It makes me feel better about all the corners being cut off.


 Mini quilt made from the corner scraps. I love how cheerful it is!


With Valentines Day fast approaching, or maybe even a birthday for a friend, the G-Force quilt pattern is a fun, cheerful quilt to make during the winter months. Grab some fat quarters and make a scrappy version, or some 3/8 yards and make a more organized version for a friend in your life. I hope this pattern brings you joy and maybe you will start writing a small symbol at the end of each of your cards or letters to loved ones, assuming people still write actual mail in the future.

Happy Quilting!

The version above is made using all fat quarters.





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