The G-Force Quilt Using Kona Solids

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There is something about solid fabrics that highlight a quilt pattern which patterned fabrics can’t do. I love me some beautiful patterned fabrics, but having the classic simplistic look of solid fabrics is my favorite. I knew with the G-Force pattern this is just what I wanted to do.

You can find a copy of the G-Force quilt pattern in my store.

The G-Force quilt pattern is a modern, block based quilt pattern inspired by my grandparents. The G-Force is the name the grand kids have called them for years now. Every card and gift I have every gotten from my grandma (let’s be honest, grandpa never did the shopping) had a “glowing heart” next to her signature. One year I decided to make a glowing heart quilt for grandma, by this point grandpa had passed. Grandma loved and still uses it every day. It took me a couple years to be ready to share the pattern with others. By that time I had lost all the measurements. So I looked at the images I had of grandma’s quilt, noticed what I liked about it, and what I didn’t and made some minor changes.

The G-Force modern quilt pattern uses 3/8 yards. However, I also included a scrappy version in the pattern which uses fat quarters. I love fat quarter quilt patterns because they are so easy to use. I buy a lot of my fabric a head of time in the US and bring it home to Asia with me and I tend to buy fat quarter bundles or half yards. Sewing fat quarter quilts means I can easily go into my stash and grab what I need to start my next project. So I wanted this option to have a fat quarter variation.

Choosing the Fabrics

The scrappy version of the G-Force quilt uses 10 fat quarters for the throw size quilt. I went to my local quilt shop to choose my solid fat quarters. Previous to going I had looked at Pinterest to see some color pallets I liked. I also went on the store’s website and got some ideas of options. Why did I do this? Because shopping in stores is very overwhelming to me. Unless I know just what I am getting or have a specific thing in mind I am not good at mixing and matching fabrics. I get overwhelmed and second guess everything, then I get frustrated and end up leaving with nothing. Having a plan going in this time majorly helped.

This particular store does not cut fat quarters upon request. What they have out is your only option. It’s kind of frustrating to be honest. They used to cut whatever you wanted but when they changed systems they started only cutting certain cuts. I feel like brick and mortar stores have an advantage over online stores in that they cut more measurements. It was disappointing to have a brick and mortar start only cutting the cuts of online stores. All that to say, I didn’t know what my options would be when I went into the store.

I was able to put together a nice bundle of fabrics. It helped that the solid fat quarters were organized by color (I'm color blind so this is hard for me). I chose what I thought would look good together. Then, I had a person working in the store check what I had chosen to see if she thought it all worked well together. I also showed her the pattern I was doing and asked her if she had a suggestion for a background fabric aside from white. We chose a light peach colored fabric. It goes well with some of the more muted colors of the quilt. 

All the fabrics I chose were Kona Cottons. Kona Cottons are made by Robert Kaufman Fabrics. With 365 colors they are sure to have every shade you need. Kona Cottons are great fabrics for quilting. In fact when I worked in a quilt shop some women only bought Kona Cotton.

More about the pattern

The G-Force quilt pattern is available in three sizes.
  • Baby measures 32 in. x 34 in.
  • Throw measures 58 in. x 71 in.
  • Full measures 84 in. x 88 in.
It is listed as an advanced beginner pattern. There are not any tricky or complicated seams. So if you can sew a consistent 1/4 inch seam and have basic quilt knowledge then this quilt pattern shouldn't be a problem for you.

The G-Force modern quilt pattern has a lot of trimming off of corners. I hated to waste all that fabric. So I included a mini quilt pattern which uses the corner cuts. Don't you just love a bonus pattern?

Finishing the Quilt

I released the G-Force quilt pattern right before my family and I shifted back to Asia. And by that I mean it came out the day before we left. So yeah I cut it short, but I wanted to get the pattern out before we started out transition. So when I pieced this quilt I was I knew I wouldn't get it quilted. My goal was to get it pieced, which I did just in time, and get a picture of the quilt top. I ended up making my goal. But the funny thing is a couple weeks later I was looking at the image I had taken and posted on social medial and I noticed I large mistake in my piecing! Either no one noticed or no one wanted to break my little heart. LOL!
Can you find the mistake? 2nd row from the top, block on the right.

I was tempted to be lazy and keep the mistake and just say, "look, some quilts are unique and have errors!" But I pulled out my trusty seam ripper and got to work. It didn't actually take very long. I am happy I did because the finished quilt is something I am proud of.

For this quilt I quilted it using the wavy stitch two inches apart. I think generally dense quilting is better. However, the last time I did a two inch separation in my quilting lines the quilt had the softest, most snuggly feeling. So I decided to do the same with this quilt.


Ok, I have one more confession to make. You can see the pink hearts in the quilt are half a dark pink and half a light pink. Well, I did that on accident. They looked the same color to me. It wasn't until the next day that I realized the colors aren't the same. But I liked how they looked. So decided to keep them.

The G-Force modern quilt pattern is a fun quilt. It would be a great gift to tell someone you love them or just a fun quilt to have lying around the house.

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