The Pink and Orange Slightly Scrambled

All right, I'm just going to say... this is my favorite Slightly Scrambled Quilt to date. Are quilters supposed to have favorites? Or is it like with your children where there are no favorites? Anyway, this one is my favorite. I love the pinks and oranges. I love the plaids and the occasional flower. I love all the other colors these colorblind eyes can identify. It's just plain pretty.

Slightly Scrambled is my modern, fat quarter friendly quilt pattern. It's the perfect pattern to use curated bundles with. Or you can choose all your favorite colors, designs or fabrics and make your own bundle/version. I think the reason I love this quilt so much is because these are all my favorite colors in one place, mixed all up into a patchwork style quilt.

Get your copy of Slightly Scrambled here.

Let's Talk About the Pattern

Slightly Scrambled is just that, a patchwork quilt pattern with a diagonal design in one direction and a bit of chaos everywhere else. It's a block based pattern for the beginner quilter which focuses on the four patch.

The four patch is a great block for the beginner quilter to master. With nesting seams, it's easy to get a perfect point and there are so many ways to make them. Strip piecing is used in the Slightly Scrambled Quilt Pattern mostly because there are so many four patches to make. Using this method speeds the process and allows for a larger combination of four patches to be made.

Slightly Scrambled has two versions. One is a bit more organized with two main fabrics and splashes of accent fabrics. That version uses yardage and precut packs or scraps. 

The second version is scrappy looking, with ideally a variety of fabrics in each block. This is made using fat quarters so the fabrics throughout are varied.

I made this modern quilt using the second version.

The Slightly Scrambled Quilt Pattern is available with four sizes:

  • Baby 36 in. x 36 in.
  • Throw 60 in. x 72 in.
  • Twin 72 in. x 96 in.
  • Queen 96 in. x 108 in.

This pattern has basic cutting and sewing. Most sewing is fast and easy. My favorite part of this quilt? No trimming of blocks.

There also isn't much planning involved when making this quilt.

The pattern does assume that the quilter has sewn before and knows how to sew a 1/4 in. seam consistently. If you are new to sewing and still working on this then I suggest a seam guide to help you out. I like to use a 1/4 inch sewing foot with my machine as a guide to keep me on track.

One more thing I love about this pattern? The blocks are easy to chain piece together. So I usually lay out the block in front of me and then chain piece it together. It's easy to batch sew them. I throw them in a pile as I sew. After pressing I sew the rows together and clip the string that attaches the rows before pressing the seams to finish the block.

Want to see another Slightly Scrambled Quilt? Read about my other version using a green background here.

About This Quilt

This quilt is a throw size. I used a curated fat quarter bundle. The throw size requires 15 fat quarters so it's pretty easy to find a bundle. It's also pretty easy for most people to pull 15 fat quarters which coordinate from their stash.

This bundle was curated by Meghan from Then Came June. You can find several different curated bundles in her shop.

I chose a nice white to go with these bright oranges and pinks.

As I said earlier, this quilt pattern uses strip piecing. I like to cut my strips then hang them over my sewing machine. That way I can sew them when I have time. I don't always have time to sit down and sew them all at once. So this way the pieces are all ready for me to keep working on it during the day.

I tried to balance out the solids, florals and plaids in each of the blocks. That way some blocks didn't have just solid fabrics or just florals. I also like to mix up the colors as best as possible in each block so that there isn't a concentration of one color in one block.

Slightly Scrambled is pretty easy to put together into rows and a quilt top because each block is different and each row is different. It's not necessary to spend much time laying out blocks.

If you sew your rows and then lay them out and don't love how they look, you can always flip the rows and rearrange. This is how I arranged this quilt. I wish I had a place to hang my blocks on the wall and organize them, but instead I randomly sewed them. Then, before I sew the rows together I lay the rows in order and check to see if there I want to flip or reorganize any. This process makes the quilt top come together pretty fast.

When it came time to quilt, I had previously seen a panto (quilting design) I loved on another quilt on Instagram. So I asked Kaitlyn from Knot and Thread Design if she was able to sew it on this quilt. The panto is called Echoed Swirl. I loved the whimsical curls and swirls in the design. The quilting by Kaitlyn added so much texture to the quilt. I fell in love when I got it back in the mail.

Look at that texture above!

The Slightly Scrambled Quilt Pattern is a modern quilt pattern designed for you to easily piece and easily find fabrics for. I designed it so the beginner quilter could learn a couple new skills like strip piecing, four patches and nesting while also gaining confidence in their craft. 

Get your copy to join the fun and don't forget to share your version on Instagram. #slightlyscrambledquilt

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