The Rebekah Modern Quilt Pattern Featuring Warp and Weft by Ruby Star Society

You can find The Rebekah quilt pattern here.

The Rebekah is a modern quilt pattern which uses precuts of fabric to make a fun, scrambled looking quilt. It's modern design is jelly roll, fat quarter and yardage friendly. The Rebekah is geared toward the beginner quilter or the experienced quilter who wants a low key, fast and fun quilt pattern. There is very little piecing and trimming, just lots of sewing. Because it's a beginner, modern quilt pattern, I also made sure that it uses very little tools, just a rotary cutter, cutting mat, and a straight edge ruler. So don't worry about having anything special. Really, it's just a low maintenance pattern, which aren't those kind of the best kind? 

The first time I made this quilt I used Golden Hour by Ruby Star Society. You can find that quilt and pictures of it here. It turned out beautiful! But I wanted to remake it with solids. I had previously ordered a bella solids jelly roll that was white. So that was the perfect background color. Now I just needed the fat quarters of solids.

I happened to see a bundle of Warp and Weft solids, also by Ruby Star Society for Moda Fabrics, that I just fell in love with. I loved the color combinations and the look of fabrics. I was even more pleased when it came in the mail and I got to feel the softness of the fabric. This is such a great fabric line.

About Warp and Weft Fabrics

Warp and Weft fabrics happens to be the name of this line of fabric. But really it is also the name of the threads used in woven fabrics. The warp threads are usually stronger and pulled tight across a loom. These threads are held stationary.  The weft threads are then woven through the warp threads. These are the threads that create the design, if there is any. 

Woven fabrics often have a nice, soft feel to them. Especially after they are washed up in a quilt, the texture is wonderful! These fabrics were no exception. They are soft and almost have a sheen to them. You can tell they aren't your average solid fabric.

One not great part of working with woven fabric is their propensity to fray. Last time I made a quilt of all woven fabrics my kids would say it looked like I got in a fight with my quilt. LOL! So many threads would be covering the front of me. I did not have that problem with these Warp and Weft fabrics. The fabrics stayed together just fine, but I will also say, The Rebekah doesn't require a lot of piecing or handing of fabrics. I do make sure not to use all wovens or woven fabrics for a modern quilt pattern that will have tiny cuts of fabric which could possibly be frustrating when piecing.

This quilt top came together super fast. Apparently so fast I didn't take any pictures during the process! This is the only one I have. This is the quilt top before I pressed it (the picture above). Because this quilt top is block based it comes together like butter.  Well, it does if you don't get some of your pieces mixed up like I did the first time I made this pattern. That was quite frustrating, and I had to take apart several rows. My kids say a swear when I sew but I don't believe them. Although something might have slipped out during this debacle.

So the Warp and Weft version of The Rebekah came together like butter, even if the other version didn't. The important thing with this quilt is to make sure you have a consistent 1/4 inch seam. So if you aren't super great at having a consistent seam (raise hand here) use a seam guide. I worked at a quilt shop before I even knew how to quilt and one of the gals there have been quilting for 30 years and still used a seam guide. So there is no shame for using a seam guide.

I have a 1/4 inch seam guide that is attached to the foot of my machine. However, I also have a magnetic seam guide which I use for my basic machine. It's great for a beginning quilter and not expensive. Magnetic seam guides are not recommended for computerized sewing machines. So if you have a fancy machine, don't use one.

The Rebekah modern quilt pattern is available in three sizes (baby, throw, and twin). This version is a throw size. The throw size measures 48 inches x 64 inches.


I thought about quilting this myself. But let's be honest, sending out a quilt and having someone else do it is so fun and like a little vacation. I love sending out quilts and having them come back magically quilted. And my least favorite part of quilting is basting. Heck, I would pay someone just to baste my quilts for me. So I sent this out to Kaitlyn from Knot and Thread Design. I chose a design called Rolling Hills 2. I think it brings a cheerfulness to the quilt which matches the fabrics.

I was going to go with a regular solid for the binding. But because this Warp and Weft Fabric by Ruby Star Society has a slightly different look than a regular solid I thought it needed fabric from the same line for the binding. So I ordered some extra of the Cross Weave in Persimmon. It's one of my favorite colors. It finishes off the quilt perfectly.

It's common for the backs of my quilts to have some kind of small piecing on them. I like to add a little interest to the back so they aren't completely boring, especially if I am using a solid for the backing. For the backing of this quilt I used scraps from previous backings. I had several solid fabrics of varying colors just sitting in a box that needed to be used up. So I decided to piece them for this quilt. As frequently said on this blog, I am color blind, so this can be a challenge for me. I decided to do my best and if the colors didn't match, I could live with it, and everyone else would have to also. You can see the back of this quilt below. The back really shows off the quilting Kaityln did.

My favorite part of the backing is when you get little peaks of all the colors when the quilt is laying somewhere. I love that. It adds so much character and interest to the quilt. If you have large scraps at home try piecing them for your backing sometime. It's a fun way to finish off a quilt.


Happy quilting,


You can read about The Rebekah featuring Golden Hour by Ruby Star Society here.

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