The Rebekah Modern Quilt featuring Golden Hour by Ruby Star Society

You can find The Rebekah in my shop. 

The Rebekah is a modern quilt pattern designed for the beginner quilter. It uses fat quarters and a jelly roll or yardage to create a fun and unexpected design. This modern pattern looks like it requires lots of time sewing small pieces together, but as with many quilts there is a trick to make it come together fast and easy. This version of The Rebekah uses Golden Hour by Ruby Star Society which helps showcase this modern quilt pattern.


The inspiration from this quilt came from combining one of my other quilt patterns with the idea of having a pattern available for the beginner quilter. Why the beginner quilter? I remember being a beginner quilter and being so confused by all things quilting. There are so many rulers, and so many ways to cut or trim things. Everyone also seems to have a different opinion than the next.

The Rebekah doesn't require any trimming, half square triangles or special blocks. Also, only basic quilting tools like a straight edged ruler are required for cutting. So maybe the real inspiration was doing as little work as possible. LOL! But really when you are just starting out as a quilter, it's hard to not have all the different guides and rulers.

This block based quilt also came from a desire to have a quilt with stripes in it, but non traditional stripes. And the fun part of this quilt is the alternating blocks where the fabrics look a bit scrambled and mixed up. I also love it when quilts can be sewn together randomly and still look good. This is one of those quilts. As long as the fabrics are mixed up, the quilt will look great.

There really aren't any tricks or hard things about this pattern. As long as you can do a consistent 1/4 inch seam, and you press your fabrics well, this quilt should be easy. The Rebekah offers a bit of a scrambled and cheery appearance without being over the top confusing.


Golden Hour by Ruby Star Society

Golden hour is such a beautiful collection. The combination of colors is what really makes it stand out. I liked it because it looks cheerful to me with the flower and sunshine prints.

Here is the thing about this collection... I asked for it for Christmas from my husband. I gave him two different options of stores that carried it because he gets confused easily and fabric stresses him out. So he bought me a fat quarter bundle of this Golden Hour from one shop and a 1/4 yard bundle of Gold Hour from a different shop. Since it was from different shops he thought it would be different fabric (he thought he was pretty clever). I haven't had the heart to tell him he bought the same fabric twice, so I just went with it.

All that to say, I used the 1/4 yard bundle to make a jelly roll by cutting each piece into 2 1/2 inch strips (which would be the fabric B from the pattern). I didn't even count how many I had. I just decided to make the quilt as big as the strips I had. So this is a rather large throw.

I used an inexpensive off white 100% cotton fabric from my local quilt shop for the Fabric A fabric. This worked perfect and matches the slightly cream/off white color in the Gold Hour fabrics.

Side note for beginner quilters: do not feel that all fabrics need to be fancy brand names. If you find a fabric like I have that is a good price and good quality that works for your pattern, but isn't a brand name you know, don't hesitate to try it. I have used this specific off white fabric for several quilts as a background fabric and have had no issues with it shrinking, fraying or changing colors. In fact, before we head home I was thinking of buying up some serious yardage of it. Do what works for your budget.


Assembly of this quilt was a bit frustrating. Here is why... it was my first time trying out this idea and like I usually do when developing a pattern, I make the first quilt without a pattern. This was the "without a pattern" quilt. Some of the blocks and rows were not quite measuring up. I couldn't figure out if I didn't press well enough or if my measurements were off. It turned out to be neither of these. It turns out I confused some of the strips and the measurements of some of my blocks were off by a 1/2 inch! A 1/2 inch makes a huge difference. I had to take out several blocks and redo them with the correct strips.

So take it from me, when you are piecing The Rebekah keep track of your strips so that you don't confuse the different sizes. Or you might be like me, quite frustrated and confused.



I quilted this one myself. I mean, I love to send my quilts out, but I am on a budget. So this one chose the short straw and I quilted it myself. Because of the rectangle pieces in the quilt I decided to quilt rectangles on the quilt. I wasn't sure how it would look, but I think it matches the feel of the quilt perfectly.

I usually add a little something extra to the back of the quilt, especially if using solid fabric for backing. This was no exception. I decided to not add an extra row and instead use some block for the back. about 2/3 of the way up the back of the quilt is a stripe across of blocks from the front. It adds just a little interest to the back without taking anything away from the front.


I hope you will get a copy of this modern, fast and easy quilt pattern. It's a great way to spend a weekend. Plus, it is adaptable to a variety of precuts or yardage.

Happy quilting!


You can read about The Rebekah using Warp and Weft by Ruby Star Society here.


  • I am so happy to find this pattern.This is exactly what I was looking for for my Fassett Jelly Roll and some Low Volume yardage and scraps.Thank you.Mirka

  • The fabrics are listed in the blog post. But it is the Gold Hour line by Ruby Star Society. I used a 1/4 yard bundle and cut it into to basically a jelly roll. I used an off white cream backing. I hope this helps.

  • Hello there,
    I am making this quilt for a loved one as a therapy quilt, she really likes these colors. I was hoping you could tell me the solid fabrics you used so I could buy them and take all the guess work out for me.
    Thank You


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