Week 3 Red Fort of Agra Quilt Along

We have made it to week 3! It's where the fun really starts. Did you get your cutting done? I have seen a couple pictures show up Instagram and it's so fun to see everyone's fabric choices and those fabrics getting cut.

This week we start piecing our blocks. I usually do this by chain piecing. However, since we are doing 5 blocks a week it's nice to just do 5 at a time. I wrote some tips down to hopefully make piecing a tiny bit easier.

Below I have included a picture of some quarter square triangles in the process of being pieced. The one in the upper left is about to be pressed. Make sure when you press these you do not pull on the edge of the triangles. This fabric cut is on the bias and it can easily stretch. The pressing in this quilt is important. If you follow the directions it makes assembling the blocks so much easier. It also gets those perfect points we are all going for. The middle block has found it's match and is about to be pieced. You can see the last block has pins in it, and is ready to be sewn. I always match up the seam first and put a pin in right next to it. Then, without stretching the fabric I pin the edges.


The easiest way to cut the quarter square triangles blocks is by using a square ruler with a 45 degree line. You do not need a square ruler though. You can use any ruler with a 45 degree line. I happen to have a Creative Grids Ruler that is 4 1/2 inches. It makes trimming these guys so easy. However, you don't need this size. For a long time I had a 8 1/2 inch square Creative Grids Ruler and it worked great. If you don't have a square ruler for trimming I suggest getting one. It's a pretty basic ruler that you will use for lots of patterns.

Below you can find a picture of how to line up the ruler with the block for trimming. Make sure that the 45 degree line is lined up with one of the seams. If you are using a 4 1/2 inch square ruler then make sure that the center point is in the center circle on the ruler.

The four patches should be a cinch to sew together. I don't actually lay out the fabrics for each block in this quilt. There are so many different fabrics and if by chance you get two squares next to each other who cares? When I'm sewing the four patches I just try to make sure I am using different combinations of colors.

Before piecing the blocks, I do lay out the 9 different 4 1/2 inch pieces at this point and make sure that the fabrics all coordinate the way I want them to. If using directional fabric, and you want it to line up, this is the time to make sure it does. Below you can see 4 of my blocks for this week. I love the colors and fabrics!



I hope these tips help. If you have any questions let me know. Thanks for quilting along with me. Check your Instagram to see if you won the week 2 giveaway.

This week I will be giving away a paper quilt pattern created by Kaitlyn from Knot and Thread Design. So make sure you post pictures on Instagram of your finished blocks. Don't forget to tag me and use the hashtag #redfortquiltalong.

See you next week!



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absolutely beautiful

Rosemary B

Love your radiant 4 patches ! Thank you for the cutting recommendations in the QST…this is my first experience creating these.

Diane beavy

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