Week 7 Red Fort of Agra Quilt Along

Week 7 is here and it's all about catching up this week. If you missed a week or are a bit behind, no sweat, you have this week to finish all those blocks. By the end of this week you should have all 20 blocks done. Although, I know some of you are making different sizes, so in that case it's time to finish up.

As soon as you finish your blocks make sure they are all pressed and ready for piecing together next week. I need to repress mine, after sitting out for a bit they have gotten a bit wrinkled.
This week I will also be trimming up the edges of any squares that were a bit sloppy during the assembly. Sometimes the middle squares are a tad longer than the four patches after I have pieced them. I like to go back through and just shave off the edge so I can easily piece them next week.
If you are all caught up you can spend this week laying out the blocks and working on arrangements. The fun thing about this pattern is you can really just randomly sew them together and it looks fine, trust me, I have done this a couple times. I don't have a design wall to lay them all out, so sometimes I get lazy. Or when I do lay out a quilt I do it on the living room floor while my little girls are napping, then I take a picture and pick up the rows in groups so I can easily sew them in the correct order. Do you have any tips or tricks for laying out your blocks or keeping them in the correct order? If so share in the comments so we can all enjoy.

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  • The random order sounds perfect for this pattern. I’ll do just that. No stress!
    Usually I lay out my rows, label Row 1, 3 etc by pinning a stick note 😃 Take a photo , leave your quilt in its layout and leave the room .
    Look at the photo ..maybe there’s a block turned in the wrong direction etc. Just helps me to see any boo boots so I can sit down to sew and not have to seam rip !

    Diane B

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