Lodhi Garden Quilt Using Solid Fabric

You can find the Lodhi Garden quilt pattern in my shop.

Lodhi Garden is a modern, block based quilt pattern designed for the beginner quilter. This quilt is especially modern in it's simplistic look. There is a large amount of white space so the focus is drawn completely to the colorful, modern flowers. Scraps, fat quarters or fat eighths all work great for this pattern. The more shades of colors the more the quilt comes alive.


The Lodhi Garden quilt pattern was inspired by Shelby and her kid's favorite park/garden in Delhi, India. Every Friday they would squeeze into an auto rickshaw and take the couple mile ride to the park. This was a perfect escape from the busy metropolis and crowded streets. Lodhi Garden gave Shelby's kids the chance to run, play and explore nature and history. They would all return home sweaty and dirty, yet full of love for their favorite park.

The Lotus flower holds great meaning in India. It's meaning is one of purity and divine. This is why you will see the Lotus flower incorporated into the decor at the airport, into temples and everyday life. I wanted to create a quilt pattern which showed the beauty of this flower, but also honored the Indian culture as well as reminded me of my time in Delhi.

My daughter just loves rickshaw rides (AKA Tuk Tuk)

Every time I write a pattern I make the first quilt as a kind of proof of concept. I don't use a pattern. I just scribble notes, measurements and pictures on a notepad. Then, I make one test block to make sure all my measurements are correct. This quilt was my first test quilt of the Lodhi Garden modern quilt pattern.

Earlier I said this pattern was for the beginner quilter. I wouldn't suggest this be your first quilt pattern. I always think someone's first quilt pattern should be all straight lines. This pattern has quite a bit of half square triangles in it. I oversized the blocks so if you are a beginner quilter you have extra room when trimming your half square triangles. That being said, if you are the adventurous and patient type, then you could totally do this as your first quilt.

The Lodhi Garden quilt pattern has a lot of white space. This helps create the extra modern feel but also makes the ombre Lotus flowers really stand out. This is why fabric choice is so important.

The idea of sewing a quilt pattern so heavily relying on different shades of the same colors scared me. As I've said before this girl can't see colors. Well I can see some, but it's limited. I'm colorblind (thanks mom and dad) which is very rare in women. 

So I figured the best way to start was by choosing a fat quarter bundle from the Fat Quarter Shop that used a rainbow of colors. I then took that bundle with my mom and daughter (they are my assistants in all things involving colors) into a quilt shop with lots of solid options. We added to the bundle and filled in color gaps until I had enough to create the ombre affect in all the flowers.

 My starting bundle

I will say I think this pattern is a great pattern if you have a wide variety of scraps. I used fat quarters because that is the easiest cut of fabric to buy. However, many of the pieces in this quilt only require a small amount of fabric. Especially if you make every flower a different color way, then scraps would be the perfect option for the Lodhi Garden quilt.

The modern Lodhi Garden quilt pattern comes in three sizes:

  • Baby 36 in. x 52 in.
  • Throw 50 in. x 64 in.
  • Twin 68 in. x 88 in.

I have made all three sizes! They all turned out just as beautiful as the next. For the baby size I used Art Gallery Fabric's Floral Elements line. You can read about that version here.

The twin version of the Lodhi Garden quilt also turned out perfect. I made it to put on one of my daughter's bed. I used a combination of blenders and solids which Fabric Bubb helped me choose. You can read about that quilt here.

Kaitlyn from Knot and Thread Design did the quilting for me since we were in the middle of a transition. I used a plain blue backing and then used scrappy binding from leftover fabric from the front. I think the scrappy backing compliments the flowers on the front perfectly.

The Lodhi Garden modern quilt pattern is a modern take on the Lotus flower, but also a pattern perfect for the quilter ready to work on those half square triangles and sashing. It's modern design will look great in any home or on any bed.



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